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"I cast Hayley Raphael in

a national tour. She played

one of the most recognizable

characters in the world, Dora The Explorer.

Hayley's talent, dedication,

and passion for her craft is unparalleled."

-J. Max Sullivan Talent Manager, The Cooper Company

"I had the privilege of working with Hayley Off-Broadway in "My Big Gay Italian Wedding," I am the Dance Captain of the show,  Hayley was cast as a cover for the show. Often times we are given very little rehearsal time to put someone in the show, and the actors are tasked with learning choreography very quickly. Hayley came into rehearsal more than prepared. She had retained most of the choreography that was taught at the audition and picked up the rest very quickly. Not only was she fast, but she is also a doll to work with. It would be a treat to get to work with her again."

         - Drew Little, Dance Captain My Big Gay Italian Wedding


Hayley Raphael is a nice girl from Queens who is upeat, positive, enthusiastic and witty.

- POPPOWER.COM on vh1's "why am i still single" 

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