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Born and bred in New York, Hayley Raphael's flair for the dramatic began at an early age.  By the time she graduated high school, Hayley had appeared in numerous musicals and performances, impressing audiences with her clear, soprano voice.  Hayley attended Ithaca College, graduating cum laude, with a Bachelor of Arts in drama and a dance minor, and recieved her K-12 teaching certification in theater through The University of Virginia.  Hayley went on to run the Musical Theater program at The Henrico High School Center for The Arts where she wrote, directed, and choreographed productions for "gifted and talented" teens. 


After teaching, Hayley returned home to New York City to pursue a full-time performing career.  She was quickly chosen by Walt Disney Productions as a performer for Disney Cruise Lines and selected by Nickelodeon to portray Dora the Explorer on the national tour of Go Diego Go! Live. 


After touring the country, Hayley began expanding her artistic endeavors by exploring the world of comedy.  She performed in numerous off-Broadway shows, began writing short films, sketch comedy, and stand-up. She graduated from the People's Improv Theater & co-taught a workshop for them.


 Hayley wrote two one-woman cabaret shows, Sentimental Journey and Oy Vey, which pay homage to her eccentric and amusing Jewish upbringing. Her personality grabbed the attention of VH1 and Hayley was cast as a witty, straight-talking recruiter for matchmaker Siggy Flicker on VH1's reality show Why Am I Still Single?


Hayley recently covered the role of Maria Pinnunziato in the award-winning Off-Broadway Show My Big Gay Italian Wedding . IN 2010, Hayley founded Shooting Comet Productions, a full service company providing all web design and social media needs to new artists.  She is currently delving into writing, and working on a work-place comedy to debut in early 2021


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